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Headshot preparation tips | Vancouver headshot photographers

-Get a good night sleep before the photo shoot; eight hours, if possible. You don’t want to be look tired with bags under your eyes!

-Drink plenty of water which helps your skin to look healthy.

-If you wear glasses but don’t want to wear them in the photo, remove them thirty minutes before your session to ensure any marks on your nose go away.

-Allow enough time to arrive for your session and be ready 5 minutes early. Running late and rushing out the door will result in a frazzled less polished look.

-Select your wardrobe and try your clothes in advance so you can be sure that everything is in good condition and fits properly. Make sure clothes are pressed.

-For men, a dark jacket, lighter shirt and contrasting tie usually works best. Avoid ties that are tight around the neck. If you feel uncomfortable you will look uncomfortable. You can also take some shots with a jacket and no tie for a business casual look. If you want some shots with a shirt only, make sure it is not a white shirt as this does not look great.

-For women, a jacket usually looks best. Avoid bright orange, red, floral patterns or loud clashing colours. Of course, you can wear whatever image you would like to project – casual is just fine. If you wear makeup, check if a touch-up is needed to remove any natural oils.

-Avoid jackets with detailed zigzag patterns, such as hounds tooth. These patterns have a tendency to look odd on a web site.

-If you are due for a haircut or hair styling, then get it done as soon as possible to ensure a natural look.

-If you feel confident in your appearance, your confidence will shine through in your photo. Feeling confident is one of the most important elements of a corporate head shot.

– Be prepared in the outfit you wish to be photographed in.

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